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Sisters Working & Abiding in God (SWAG) – Perry, GA

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Sisters Working & Abiding in God (Swag) Executive Director:  Alexis Ricks Website:  http://www.swagmovement.net Telephone:  470-222-9674   Mission Dedicated to serving our community, we strive to lift up youth by providing opportunities and guidance. Dynamic in our belief in God, we strive to embody excellence, integrity, and honesty in

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Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale – Sara Crutcher

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Name of book: Heart Picked: Elizabeth's Adoption Tale Author: Sara Crutcher Pages: 38 pages Great for ages: 5-9 years Often times we have no idea of what children are truly feeling and thinking...until they grow up. That's when they begin to communicate their feelings about experiences they've had on their young journey in life. We are so pleased that Ms.

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The Black Youth Project – Chicago, IL

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The Black Youth Project was a national research project launched in 2004 that examined the attitudes,resources, and culture of African American youth ages 15 to 25, exploring how these factors and others influence the decision-making, norms, and behavior of black youth. Understanding the need to make this data available to a wider constituency beyond the

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The Cedarmore Corporation – Freeport, NY

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Name: The Cedarmore Corporation Founder & CEO: Bishop Frank Otha White Website: www.cedarmore.org Mission: The mission of The Cedarmore Corporation is to improve the educational, social and emotional development of youth representing the diverse population of families from Nassau and Suffolk counties. To educate, elevate and, motivate others in order for

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What’s Your Favorite Hair Love Style? – Our APP Hair Chart

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Whether your hair is Au Natural or not, you should love your hair because it is an extension of you. Keep it clean, and take time to learn styles that make you feel great! Whenever I see a young lady or woman with a nice hair style,  it tells me that she truly cares about herself. Time is valuable and whenever  you make time to care for your hair, you are showing that

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Teaching Our Children to Love Their Hair

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Young children with kinky hair could feel that they are not beautiful; particularly when they see more images of people with straight hair who are acknowledged for their beauty. When our children see fewer images of girls with kinky hair, it could lead to the perception that curlier, coiler, kinkier hair is less than desirable. What's worse: children sometimes

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Black Girls You Are Beautiful Black Pearls

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More often than not, we see and hear more about pretty white pearls. They are pretty and very valuable. But what about the black pearls? Just because the white pearls are more often selected or promoted doesn't mean they are any more valuable or important. On the contrary. What does livescience.com have to say about the black pearls? A natural black pearl is more

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