Girls Living Life On Purpose – Dallas, TX


Founder: Leslie Denman

lesliedenmanGirls Living Life On Purpose, Inc™ (GLLOP) out of Dallas, Texas is the premier all girl faith based organization founded by Leslie Denman and dedicated solely in empowering African American and minority girls through life purpose coaching, character development, and abstinence education.

Everyone was created for a unique purpose and the organization is dedicated to helping girls discover and live out their unique purpose. It serves  to guide girls along their pathway to purpose and help them recognize and address obstacles they will encounter along the way.

The organization promotes higher education, abstinence, and self-mastery. It gives girls a voice and equip them with tools and techniques to promote positive change when it comes to personal values, decision making, peer pressure, and self-worth.

GLLOP is an IRS 501c3 nonprofit organization. Visit GLLOP by clicking the  logo.




Afro Puffs and Ponytails is constantly searching for information about camps, clubs and organizations, and mentoring programs to provide as resources for parents and community organizers. It is our hopes that each resource provided will serve to build confidence, enhance self esteem, develop leadership skills, empower, uplift and educate our African American girls. We are not recommending these programs, but offering a starting point for you to conduct your own evaluation and research about whether a program is right for your child.

For an up-to-date listing of other programs for African American girls within the USA, please click here.

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  1. Debbie Broughton, 3 years ago

    Awesome Ministry. We have a young Girls Group here in Tyler, TX. which has been in insistence for 5 years. We are called Young Girls With Purpose (Isaiah 35:2) We would love to network with your Girls Ministry. Presently we are preparing for our annual ‘I Am A Rose” Educational Scholarship Pageant” Scholarship are given to our senior young ladies who graduate from high school and pursue a college career. Also past receipients come back to the pageant and update their sucesses. Feel free to view some of our pageant pictures from last year’s pageant. Just google in Young Girls With purpose. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Debbie Broughton

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