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Name: She’s All That

Executive Director & Founder: Conchetta Jones


Telephone: 877.368.4562


To empower, inspire and educate girls through informative workshops, cultural outings and real world experiences. Girls will learn life skills, self-esteem, integrity, relationship building, conflict resolution, health and fitness and etiquette lessons.

Mentoring Programs

She’s All That Mentoring Program focuses on the needs of the mentored participants, fosters caring and supportive relationships, encourages individuals to develop to their fullest potential and helps a girl to develop her own vision for the future. Participants will receive group mentoring, guidance and support regarding self-esteem, character development, body image, conflict resolution and other such issues that affect young girls in today’s society. SAT mentors are women who care, women who listen, women who want to help young girls develop strengths they already have and identify new ones. Girls and their mentors will participate in a number of special events throughout the year.


Puffs and Ponytails is constantly searching for information about camps, clubs and organizations, and mentoring programs to provide as resources for parents and community organizers. It is our hopes that each resource provided will serve to build confidence, enhance self esteem, develop leadership skills, empower, uplift and educate our African American girls. We are not recommending these programs, but offering a starting point for you to conduct your own evaluation and research about whether a program is right for your child.

For an up-to-date listing of other programs for African American girls within the USA, please click here.

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