Teen Girls and the Proper Way to Dress for Success – Do’s and Don’ts

Teen Girls and the Proper Way to Dress for Success – Do’s and Don’ts

Kim Taylor

As you embark upon your journey to success, please consider the following tips when you dress for a college interview, job interview, or any distinguished position.

Dress to ImpressDress to Impress – In our society, there are many great opportunities for teen girls.  However, there are even MORE qualified teen girls who are ready to step up and claim those opportunities.  You may meet the qualifications, but your attire may be the difference between you owning the position or dreaming about it.

An interview or presentation is not the time to dress like “everybody else”.  Adhere to the dress code and dress better than what is expected and never less than what is required. Keep in mind that dressing to impress does not mean dressing in a manner that commands attention towards your physical attributes. Doing so may ruin your chances for consideration even if you are the best-qualified applicant.

Smile – A smile is very much a part of your dress. It is the icing on the cake,Dress to Impress 1 the WOW! factor.  If you have on the perfect outfit, and know all of the right things to say, you will still be half-dressed without your smile.

Please understand the difference between smiling and giggling. Smiling is putting on a pleasant face and retaining your business-like composure.  Giggling is putting on a funny face, accompanied by laughter and totally out-of-control body language.  A pleasant smile is the acceptable and finishing touch of your dress for success.

When you apply for a position or employment, dress in modest, professional attire.

Modest – freedom from conceit or vanity; respectability in dress, speech, or conduct

Professional – exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally business-like manner

Attire – clothing

In other words, dress in respectable clothing fit for the position or profession that you have chosen to pursue.


Simple Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for Success


Don’t wear un-natural colored hair, or non-casual head wraps

Don’t wear bedroom shoes, flip-flops, or slide-ins

Don’t wear undergarments in a manner such that they are highly visible above your pants or skirt.

Don’t wear brightly colored undergarments that can be seen through your clothing
Don’t wear dramatic or glamorous make-up. (less make-up is better  and your natural look is even more impressive)

Don’t wear short skirts, dresses, or any clothing that require continuous adjustments when you sit down, stand up, or walk

Don’t wear clothing that is too tight

Don’t chew gum

Don’t wear overbearing perfumes or body oils (you never know when your fragrance may trigger an allergic reaction from the people giving you the interview)

Don’t wear flashy jewelry(bling)

Don’t wear long fingernails with brightly colored nail polish. (Clear or neutral polish will suffice)


Wear clothing that is clean, wrinkle free, and comfortable dress for success

Wear clothing that projects the seriousness of your desire to succeed

Wear clothing that you would proudly wear in the presence of your parents, grandparents, teachers, church family and especially God

Style your hair so that it is not in your face.

Wear clothing that keeps the private, private (no imprints, impressions, or overflows)

Wear small gold, silver, or pearl ball earring studs. Another option would be small silver or gold earring hoops(one pair of earrings will suffice)

Try on your clothes a day prior to your presentation or interview

Wear your beautiful smile
dress to impress2Research every position or employment opportunity that you are seeking to obtain. Find out what the current members or employees are wearing and dress a step or two above them.  Consider wearing pantyhose to add a polished touch to your overall look and take an extra pair with you in case you snag or ruin them prior to your appointment.  Finally, when in doubt, consult with your parents, or a school counselor.

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