Brown Baby Reads – Promoting Literacy Among African American Children


Brown Baby Reads is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to celebrate, encourage, and promote literacy in African-American children. Our organization is a grassroots operation created by three educators who understand the challenges and complexities surrounding our current educational system and the need for unique supports for students, parents, and teachers.  Brown Baby Reads brings resources that combine creativity with technology that is needed to further the cause of literacy in African American children.

It’s a wonderful site with an online book club for children AND parents.  As part of the book club, parents receive an email at the beginning of each month to alert you of the monthly selections. You choose which books you will read for the month and decide how you want to obtain the books. You can get the books from the library, purchase them on your own, or Brown Baby Reads provide links for you to shop online for the best deal. After a week’s time, you and your children will have access to the blogging area to discuss the books with others.

Point, click, and visit Brown Baby Reads today!

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